• Good Governance

    I will strongly lead a transparent government, free from corruption. I will form government institutions, which is both transparent and accountable and set the standard for ethical and efficient governance. It is our primary responsibility.

  • National Reconciliation

    I believe that only a genuine national reconciliation will insure lasting peace and stability throughout the country. I will establish a committee comprised of students, professionals, educators, clan elders, religious leaders and other well-respected members of society. This committee will be tasked with bringing about this reconciliation. It is imperative that my government will educate our people that reconciliation is essential if we are to be truly a unified nation. This process will help us to heal old wounds, as well as understand why our nation suffered through a quarter century of violence, strife, and stagnation. Progress can only come about through facing our past, forgiving our enemies, and forging a new chapter.

  • Judicial System

    We believe that it is essential to establish and protect a viable and credible judiciary. Every citizen must be assured that they will be given fair and equal treatment under the law. Somalia must have well-trained and experienced judges and staff who exhibit professionalism, integrity and the highest ethical and moral standards. Re-establishment of judicial system and keeping its independency from Executive branch is important. I will also eliminate the corruption that can cripple our justice system.

  • National Security Policy

    Internal Security

    I believe that establishing and maintaining highly professional internal security is paramount if we are to have a peaceful and stable nation. It is critical that I provide our forces with the proper equipment and the best training possible, as well as the means to effectively communicate with one another. I will:

    1.Re-establish and strengthen local police force’s capacity in order to better coordinate and share information in keeping the peace. Law enforcement is important to keep peace and order.
    2.Enhance and improve the capacity of National Security Intelligence Agency to gather vital intelligence in order to identify and combat any threat to national security, both foreign and domestic.
    3.Improve public safety by strengthening the internal security apparatus through robust and rigorous training and the provision of proper equipment. I must insure that our forces are guaranteed continuous benefits and livable wages.

    National Defence

    I will establish a professional and capable army to protect the country’s lands, seas, and air space from any potential threat. I propose to:

    1.Establish capable and disciplined defense forces to protect the sovereignty of the nation and establish and maintain internal stability.
    2.Provide for all the basic needs for our forces in terms of competitive salary, health care, and pensions in order to foster dedication and maintain morale at a high level.
    3.Recognize and honor those who are killed or wounded in the defense of our nation. Provide aid and assistance to their survivors. This, too, is critical to maintain the morale of our active duty soldiers.

  • Education

    Education is a basic human rights and granting access to basic education for every child should be a national priority. I will re-establish a quality public education system throughout the country, support and improve private education systems. I will rebuild our national higher Education system. Education is important for the country’s workforce development.

  • Health

    I have a health crisis in Somalia and addressing it will be given a national priority. I will re-build and equip the existing public hospital and clinic facilities throughout the country. I will also, support and encourage more private clinics to improve quality of health care and create public Health priorities to prevent health crises.

  • Economic development

    Government security efforts and economic recovery must go hand in hand. Poverty and unemployment breed religious extremism and encourage criminal enterprises. An economic development strategy and comprehensive and stable financial system will create more job opportunities for our youth and, thus, improve public safety and security.

    I will focus on building the national infrastructure including roads, ports, airports, hospitals, and education facilities. I will also promote public/ private partnership investments to increase farming and livestock production and develop our maritime resources. I will enforce business laws and promote a free market economy to protect foreign and domestic investments. In terms of investment, I will attract foreign investment and foster collaboration and cooperation with international financial institutions.

    In order to strengthen government capacity, I will reconstitute an effective tax collection system to increase the national revenue and reduce foreign financial dependency. Rebuilding the tarnished image for Somali Central Bank and National Commercial Bank is a priority for us. Somalia must have a viable, credible, world-class financial institution to formulate our monetary policy.

  • International Cooperation

    I will partner with the international community – particularly with our neighboring countries- from a position of equality and mutual respect in order to bring peace and stability to the region. I will also uphold and honor any binding agreement with the international community in accordance with international laws and norms.

  • Human Capital Project

    I will end the “brain drain” and attract highly qualified and competent people from the Somali diaspora to serve in government.

    I will work tirelessly for the return and readjustment of refugees and internally displaced people who have suffered over twenty years of hardship and despair both at home and around the world. I will establish a reeducation centers for youth involved with Al-Shabaab, piracy, and other extreme and unlawful activities by providing life skills training, instill moral and ethical values, and I will train our young people for well-paid and stable careers in the carpentry, mechanical, electrical, and general construction fields.

  • Preservation of the environment

    I will prevent further deforestation and land degradation and enforce a prohibition on charcoal export. I will engage natural resource experts to better utilize our natural resources without compromising the environment, particularly the habitats of both plant and animal species. I will establish a system to guard against illegal fishing as well as the dumping of waste into our ocean.